Local Government and Development Studies Department

The Polytechnic, Ibadan
Local Governemnt Department

    The Department of Local Government and Develoment studies started formally as Department of Public Administration and Local Government Studies. It was granted full accreditation to run National Diploma programme by the Accreditation Visitation Panel of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in 2000/2001

    In Recognition of its pivotal role in National Development, NBTE directed that it should be carved out from Public Administration department. Since 2013, it has been a distinct full fledge department with competent and committed staff.

    Since then, the department has contributed immensely to human capacity development at the grossroots and in Nigeria at large.

  • Vision Statement

    To be one of the leading departments in the promotion of good governance and development at the grassroots and in Nigeria at large.
  • Mission Statement

    To be Fully committed to training and equipping personnel in the art of local governance and sustainable developments as we got involved in the area of policy research that, will bring about empowerment of the people at the grassroots for active participation in decision making process.